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Wet Basement

A wet basement is a troubling sign for many reasons, and should be taken care of at the first signs of wetness. You don’t have to wait for alarming puddles. A high humidity content, which can be felt in the air and also cause mold, mildew and a musty odor, should be reason enough to take action. A wet basement is a situation that develops over time. Catching and treating it quickly can prevent future damage and discomfort.

Solve It Early

If there are signs of wetness in your basement, don’t hesitate to call RailWay Restoration wet basement service today. Our wet basement service specialists operate in the San Francisco area and are familiar with the problems that characterize it. They will be happy to visit your home and answer any questions you may have about keeping your basement dry, so that you can properly enjoy your home.

Wet Basements – More Than Just An Eyesore

Obviously, nobody wants an unsightly, smelly basement which is also less usable or even unusable due to water damage to any belongings being stored there. Other reasons why wet basement problems should be solved promptly include health hazards: various contaminants, insects and mold that thrive in wet basements. Mold spores in particular are a typical health risk in this situation.

In addition, the wetness may damage the interior walls and foundations. It can also cause the ground floor of your house to be particularly cold, which is not only uncomfortable but also a cause of unnecessary energy waste for heating.

Getting To The Roots of the Problem

Water can seep into your cellar when it is situated below, or right above the water table. It can enter in various ways: through cracks in the walls; by running down the inside of the wall and accumulating at the bottom; through the footing; and through cracks in the floor or the joints between the floor and walls.

Professional Wet Basement Remediation

The First thing we do at RailWay Restoration wet basement service is identify the source of the seepage. We then proceed to correct it by various means. This can involve crack repair, which can sometimes go as far as solving a problem with shifting foundations, and waterproofing.

The most common waterproofing methods include either a drainage channel, mounted or dug beneath the floor where it meets the walls, or floor tiles which are the most recommended method for most houses. The system is sometimes slanted so water will run towards a sump basin and be pumped out.