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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can have numerous sources – storms, a loose hose in an appliance, a broken water pipe, faulty sprinkler system, or firefighting efforts. Whatever the may be the reason, water can cause serious damage to your property and belongings if not dealt with quickly, not to mention mental trauma. In addition it can pose a health threat – due to mold and to standing water going bad, or mixing with sewage in the case of flood water.

 The Importance of Fast Response

In order to minimize water damage, The most important thing is to deal with it immediately, within the first 24 to 48 hours at the most. The longer the water remains, the more structural and property damage will accumulate.

 24/7 Water Damage Service

RailWay Restoration will respond immediately to handle water damage throughout the San Francisco area. Call us for a quick response – our expert water damage technicians will arrive on the spot to stabilize the situation and halt further deterioration. We use the most advanced technologies to extract water quickly and to detect hidden moisture with special equipment, including, but not limited to, probes and infra red tools.

Drying equipment may be left in your your home or business for 3 to 4 days, with the drying process being monitored by our experts. After the affected area is thoroughly dried, sanitized and deodorized, and all your wet belongings taken care of, you have time to consider your various restoration options.

 Restoring Your House

Once the drying process is complete, you’ll be surprised how much can be done in terms of water damage restoration with current technologies, materials and equipment. Even though the prospect of restoring your property to its per-disaster condition may seem hopeless at times, full service reconstruction and decontamination can give amazing results.

Remember that reconstruction in an existing damaged structure is very different from building it anew, as the new features must match the materials and construction formerly used in the house. Water damage compounds the problem with issues like crumbling drywall or plaster, rusting metal and weakened wooden supports.

Each restoration has its own individual circumstances which must be taken into account. It is always important to use common sense and care, as well as technical know-how. So be sure to call water damage restoration professionals and not just any builder.