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 The Hazards of Sewage

The most serious threat comes from various pathogens – bacteria, viruses and fungi, including mold – which can all cause various diseases, some of them lethal. There are also the multitude of harmful man-made chemicals in sewage – toxins and carcinogens of every type imaginable. Another danger comes from the gases released by sewage decomposition, which can cause asphyxiation in a closed space and are also flammable.

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing a pipe burst, sewage backup or standing water in your home or business, you should know that it must not be approached without proper protective clothing and gear. Leave sewage cleanup to reliable, trained professionals: call RailWay Restoration sewage cleanup service right away. We even advise that you leave the house until professional help arrives.

Sewage Cleanup You Can Trust

You need someone to come to your aid in one call; a reliable team you can trust to get the leakage cleaned and straightened out quickly and completely. In the San Francisco area call RailWay Restoration 24/7 sewage cleanup service and our crew of experts will arrive at your house or business within 60 minutes at the most.

Free Quote and Damage Estimate

Once our experts arrive, they will survey the area and extent of the damage and prepare a cleanup plan. Once this is done you will be given a a free price quote for sewage cleanup service. Our sewage cleanup service technicians will also be happy to answer all your questions. All this is done without any obligation by you to choose to work with RailWay Restoration. Should you choose this option, you will still be left with a professional assessment and all your questions answered – free of charge.

We realize how distressing it can be to have a sewage leak and what you are up against, and we want the process to be as stress free as possible. Should you decide to work with us, our crew will be able to start work right away.

Safe and Complete Sewage Cleanup

We apply a variety of advanced sewage cleanup techniques to restore your house to a clean and safe condition: locate the leak, repair it, clear away all sewage and debris and treat all contaminated material and soil.

Treating sewage leaks must adhere to strict codes and protocols, because careless treatment can cause the spread of bio-hazards to the surrounding environment. We shall not leave the area before we are certain it has been completely disinfected, and that sewage cleanup has been performed properly, assuring your return to a safe, usable place to live and work in.